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Alaska Initiates Examination Of Workers' Pay To Enhance Competitiveness

Catch the latest on Alaska's proactive salary review to address hiring challenges and boost workforce competitiveness. Get the details here.

Sep 19, 2023773 Shares51.5K Views
In a concerted effort to address ongoing hiring difficulties within the executive branch and enhance the competitiveness of state employment,the state of Alaska has initiated an extensive review of state employees' salaries.
On Thursday, the Alaska Department of Administrationtook a crucial step forward by releasing a request for proposals (RFP), inviting contractors to undertake a comprehensive analysis of state pay scales in comparison to private sector salaries and those in other government entities.
The ambitious study encompasses 404 distinct job classifications, spanning a wide array of roles, from prison guards and archaeologists to ferry workers, tax auditors, and individuals responsible for ensuring the accuracy of gas pumps and grocery store scales.
An $800,000 contract is set to be awarded on November 15th, with a deadline for the final report's submission by June 30, 2024, coinciding with the conclusion of the state fiscal year. This timing is strategic, allowing any recommendations to be factored into the subsequent year's budgetary considerations.
During the recent spring legislative session, lawmakers received substantial testimony regarding state agencies grappling with understaffing issues, prompting them to allocate $1 million for this comprehensive salary analysis.
Despite these budgetary efforts, staffing challenges have persisted throughout the summer, prompting this thorough examination.
As of the latest update on Thursday, the executive branch employed 13,273 individuals out of a total of 15,650 positions, representing an 85.4% employment rate.
To gauge salary competitiveness, state authorities have historically considered a salary competitive if it exceeds 65% of what is offered in the state's private and public sectors. Any deviation of at least 10 percentage points from this benchmark is categorized as "misaligned," as outlined in the RFP.
The baseline for this assessment is Anchorage's wage standards, providing a crucial reference point for the examination.
The state of Alaska's proactive approach to address hiring challenges through a thorough salary analysis underscores its commitment to attracting and retaining top talent while fostering a more competitive job market within its borders.
For further updates and details on this initiative, please refer to the original article on Alaska Public Media.
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